“The Better Angels” release on November 7th

“The Better Angels”, produced by Terrence Malick, explores the story of Abraham Lincoln’s childhood in the harsh wilderness of Indiana and the hardships that shaped him. Wes Bentley plays young Abraham Lincoln’s teacher, Mr. Crawford.

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The Time Being (2012): First look

Having starred in “The Hunger Games” earlier this year, Wes Bentley got a slew of films on his slate, and heading to the Toronto International Film Festival with its world debut will be “The Time Being”, in which Wes is playing the lead, a struggling young artist named Daniel.

Frank Langella, Ahna O’Reilly and Sarah Paulson will be co-starring. Nenad Cicin-Sain will be making his directorial debut, directing from a script he co-wrote with Richard N. Gladstein, who’s turning to writing after a long career executive producing the likes of “Reservoir Dogs”, “Pulp Fiction”, and “The Bourne Identity”.

source: heyuguys.co.uk

Wes Bentley at the Australians In Film Awards & Benefit Dinner 2012

Wes Bentley and Anna McGahan at the Australians In Film Awards & Benefit Dinner 2012 in Los Angeles on 27 June 2012. Source: contactmusic.



‘Hunger Games’ Blu-ray/DVD trailer

The Hunger Games hits Blu-ray, DVD, and digital download at 12:01 a.m. on Aug. 18. Both Blu-ray and DVD will become available for pre-order on Friday, May 25.

The two-disc set will feature three hours of unreleased material:
– an eight-part documentary/making-of
– interviews with the cast and crew
– differences from the book (e.g. like President Snow’s character (Donald Sutherland) and the role of the game maker (Wes Bentley))
– the full-length “Propaganda Film” shown during the Reaping

Wes Bentley talks about facial hair, music and “3 Nights in the Desert”

In the upcoming indie film “3 Nights in the Desert”, Wes Bentley plays a musician who’s gone off his rocker. We have to ask: Is kooky facial hair written into his contracts now? The actor says, “I’ve always been able to grow facial hair since I was 15. I’ve always thought, ‘I really gotta use my facial hair for characters.’ It’s starting to work.” If you got it, flaunt it.

“3 Nights in the Desert” is a departure from “The Hunger Games”. Bentley’s Travis is a member of an old rock band disbanded years ago, and the film follows the three former friends getting together for one anxious weekend in the desert. “They’re fulfilling a promise to each other that they’ll get together on their 30th birthday, which falls on the same weekend,” explains Bentley. “A lot of the film is about the different paths we take. Travis wanted to make an original sound at the sacrifice of being commercially successful. Barry always wanted that commercial success. When they split, you could see how that affects their lives. Barry gets more buttoned-down, and Travis moves out to the desert and tries to cope with losing the music.”

Bentley notes that Travis is “a bit unhinged. He’s been out in the desert for too long. He’s always been a bit out of his mind, but it starts to show.” Although the character wasn’t based on any musician, Bentley says that he took his cues from one real-life musician. “The style — musically and personality-wise — would be Jack White. I feel like they had a similar thing going.” Bentley himself plays the guitar, and has musical roots date back to childhood. “I grew up in a real musical family. I played trombone as a kid in high school band. I wasn’t very good though. I drifted around the third chair. I stuck with it till 10th grade.” And does he ever regret leaving behind his career as a trombonist? “I do not,” the actor happily explains. “And I don’t think anyone who ever heard me regretted it either.”

source: Darren Franich, EW.

“3 Nights in the Desert” news

Wes Wentley in 3 Nights in the DesertIn the indie “3 Nights in the Desert” (2012), Wes Bentley plays an unhinged musician named Travis. ”He’s a very brash, in-your-face rock guy,” says Bentley, whose character was inspired by Jack White. Tensions flare when Travis reunites for a weekend with his former bandmates, played by Amber Tamblyn and Vincent Piazza. ”At times it feels like they’re rebonding. At times you think they’re going to kill each other.”

source: Darren Franich, EW.
more info: imdb.com

Wes Bentley joins cast of “Chavez”

“The Hunger Games” thesp Wes Bentley, “Southland” star Michael Cudlitz, Jacob Vargas (“Traffic”), Yancey Arias (“Legion”) and Mark Moses (AMC’s “The Killing”) have joined the cast of Diego Luna’s indie drama “Chavez,” which stars Michael Pena as famed labor organizer Cesar E. Chavez. America Ferrera and Rosario Dawson co-star as Chavez’s wife and top aide, respectively.

Keir Pearson’s script depicts Chavez organizing the largest nonviolent protest in U.S. history to accomplish his ultimate goal of obtaining basic human rights for over 50,000 farm workers in California.

Bentley will play Jerry Cohen, the fearless attorney who became the backbone of the United Farm Workers’ legal efforts. His work resulted in many important constitutional decisions that continue to protect farm workers to this day.

Luna, Gael Garcia Bernal and Pablo Cruz will produce through Canana Films along with John Malkovich, Lianne Halfon and Russell Smith of Mr. Mudd. Pearson and Larry Meli will also serve as producers. “Chavez” started shooting earlier this week in Sonora, Mexico.

source: variety
info on “Chavez”: imdb.com